MASSAGE OIL (natural) / Gel Texture

Enriched with Organic Almond, Grape Seeds & Argan Oils

Natural massage oil enriched with almonds, grape seeds, carrots and argan oil.

Four organic ingredients in cahoots to make your wishes come true in the form of massage, with maximum sensuality.

Indications and properties

This natural massage gel from TOKA has an innovative gel format which means it’s silky to the touch with no messy drips. Heavenly on the skin and easy to use. Silky touch. Pleasant and hygienic. Almond, Grape Pip Extracts, Carrots and Organic Argan Oils, are combined to enhance the sensuality of an intimate massage. Dermatologically tested. Respects naturally the pH of your skin.

Instructions for use: External use. Extend the gel-oil over the area to massage, Apply as much as you want, normally a Tokket is enough. Enjoy!

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