Great! The heat’s finally arrived! People complain a lot about high temperatures, but do you really prefer the winter, prefer to spend the day sneezing right and left, with a nose like a pimento? So your fans of blankets, boogers and laryngitis?, Come on, man!

Long live summer! There’s not much more tempting than going away on holiday. To the coast, the mountain, your grandma’s village… wherever (but not too hot, for your father). Even if it’s just a few days. Stuff a bathing suit and some clothes into a bag and fly off.

The bad part – damn it! – is coming back. Of course: a holiday means lots of good times, selfies and partying, but nothing lasts forever. What a bummer!

Yes. You’ll see a thousand recommendations for getting over post-holiday depression. Lists of tips. Articles in the Sunday supplement. Posts in blogs. Queues at psychologists’ offices. But what can I say? I’m writing about my personal experience, You know me: in these cases, I turn to my number-one ally: sex. Is there a more loyal and efficient ally?

I know. You don’t get much of a holiday. When most people are leaving, you’ve already come back. It’s still hot in the city. And there’s no air conditioning in your rented flat in the city centre. (I don’t either, you know). But make your body happy!

I’m tired of repeating it: sex is the best way to fill your free time. And, on top of that, it also burns calories, tones muscles, enhances blood circulation and improves your mood (and that of those around you, too). It’s too hot, you say? Are you serious? Please, we’re too grown up for that kind of nonsense! Do as I do: crank up the fan (I’ve already assumed that you, like me, haven’t got air conditioning; we wouldn’t even if we were millionaires). And, even if you still think that there’s less happening in the summer, kick up your experiences. Make them unique, thanks to your Tokkets, which you keep on your nightstand and in your jean’s pocket. Lubricate your summer, make making love fun; life is to enjoy. Staying in the city is not a downer.

You keep focused on your business, no worries, focused on your goal. By yourself, with a partner, or in large groups. Remember that, thanks to sex, you get to know people Do the best you can to enjoy yourself because – you understand – the whole country can’t go to the beach at the same time. So four in the afternoon doesn’t seem like a good time to sweat like a chicken on a spit? Well, you’re absolutely right: timing is equally important for your summertime sex frolics. But, however it works out, please do me the favour of not skulking about in tears because your holiday is done and summer in the city is a pain. Like I said, you’re not 12 anymore.

Trust me, adapt your biorhythms to your body’s pleasure. Come on. Now. Open your WhatsApp, or better yet: open your eyes. Seek out your next sexual experience. Who’s at hand? Your partner? The clerk at the supermarket? Or maybe you’d rather enjoy your body with no-one to bother you? Go right ahead! Seize the opportunity. Get your hard-earned pleasure. Lubricate your summer.

Or would you prefer a winter cold?