For me, the world is clearly divided into two types of people: those who have already tried lubricants and those who should try them. All statistics say so. And not just statistics: oh, if only mattresses could speak! But there is no doubt: there is no better ally than a good lubricant for you to enjoy sex, whether alone, as a couple, or with more people if you wish (sex should be no obstacle to meeting people).

Let the pleasure flow: you will see how your sexual satisfaction, if you use lubricants, will increase significantly. If sex is there for us to enjoy, then why not make the most of it? No need to wait to see the positive effects of lubricants on sex: their benefits are noticeable from the moment they pass from hand to body. Wonderful. I myself, as I write this, just imagining it makes me want to get up from the desk (and you?) and run to play one of my favourite sex games. Ehem! Ehem! Sorry. I’ll keep writing, I’m working.

Let’s make a thorough analysis: careful, because like everything in life, not just any lubricant is suitable, just like not just any song is suitable for making love or any underwear for the first date. You know what I mean. So, while you’re at it, use a quality lubricant. Or, in other words, if you’re going to get sticky, use a lubricant that isn’t sticky. The intimate parts of human beings are very important, treat them as they deserve.

Do you know the maxim that says that in sex you have to treat the intimate parts of the other person as you would like them to treat yours? Our lubricants are made with the best ingredients and all of them with a thermal water base which, among other virtues, is extremely careful with the skin. It is rainwater that seeps through the soil and picks up the benefits of the minerals of all those rocks it goes through. I’m sure it rings a bell. Many beauty brands use it in their products, because they are aware of its power to moisten, remove make-up or fix the moisturizer, heal wounds, etc. And so, being aware of the importance of the natural hydration of the skin, our Tokkets are made with thermal water. Because for sensitive skin -and you know what I’m talking about- it is particularly important.

And now it’s time now to remember (and it’s never a bad idea to hydrate the memory as well) other benefits of Tokkets lubricants that will make the walls of your room tremble again in your sexual encounters. So, to begin with:

  • They do not stain.
  • They do not spoil condoms.
  • They take care of the pH of the skin.
  • They are perfectly compatible with other silicone sex toys.

And all thanks, among other things, to the fact that sex is as natural as water itself. As we said, the lubricating gel of your Tokkets is composed of treated thermal water: an isosmolar compound with the same concentration of salts as the cells of the human body (yours too, the one you have so much fun with). In this way your intimate parts (and those of the one you love) will be permanently hydrated. Its touch is silky (and sensual!), its scent is stimulating (and sensual!) and the pleasure it brings is unique (and sensual!). And I’ll stop now; it’s beginning to sound like a King Africa song.

More hygienic, convenient and easy to take anywhere, your Tokkets are presented in single-dose format, and designed so that each of your sexual encounters is perfect. We have already said that it is up to you to choose with whom and how to make use of them according to your tastes and preferences. And remember that for sex there are no two people alike, but also that all people should, for their own sake, try Tokkets. Let sex flow! It is the joy of life!

What about you, have you tried Tokkets yet? Who told you about them? Or was it you who told someone else about them? Did they give you three cheers? Have they promised to give you an apartment or raise a statue to you? Your Tokkets can change the sex life of more than one person. Tell us about your experience (which I’m sure is not little).