At Toka we design and produce intimate cosmetics with lots of love and naturalness, as that´s how we understand sexuality.

Behind this philosophy, we develop a very well cared for range of intimate cosmetics, made with natural and organic components, to help you live sex in a mature , natural and fun way helped by the use of these high quality products.

Looking after our clients is our passion, that´s why our TOKA products only use thermal water which its salt concentration is similar to our body fluids. This way, we help maintain the natural skin balance favouring natural lubrication every time.

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We are not used to talking about sex in society and although this is something which is changing, we are still unaware of many of the benefits that sex provides us with: physical and mental well-being. After all, we are human and having sex will make your life much more fulfilling in all senses of the word.

Nature is wise. That is why something absolutely fundamental for the survival of the human race has been programmed to be beneficial for our health, as well as pleasurable. Physically there is no better, more satisfying and motivating way to keep fit:


Sexual intercourse releases hormones, including estrogens that protect and keep our skin moisturized and our hair stronger and shiny.


The increase in estrogens in women strengthens their bones, and in men more testosterone improves their muscle mass.


Orgasms improve the blood flow and therefore the supply of nutrients to the skin cells, which makes us look younger.


It benefits the heart as it increases the heartbeat and stimulates the circulation. The arteries dilate, increasing the amount of oxygen that is absorbed, which helps prevent heart diseases.


Studies have been carried out on men that show that frequent ejaculation helps reduce the risk of suffering from prostate cancer or cardiovascular diseases.


It helps regulate women’s menstrual cycle and it cuts down on discomfort. Moreover, it strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, which will help intensify orgasms and improve bladder control.


For both genders, it helps boost our defences and control pain.


Toxins and liquid are eliminated during sexual intercourse, so it’s a good remedy against cellulite.


Endorphins are released during sex and apart from regulating sleep cycles, these hormones create a state of euphoria and a feeling of well-being. Oxytocin is also released; this is a hormone that increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are substances associated with happiness and well-being.


Mentally, sex is the best therapy for stress and bad temper. One dose and you’ll relax easily. It increases our self-esteem, it provides emotional stability, it improves relationships and it makes us feel loved and attractive.

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