Yeah! It’s summer! So many fun things to look forward to! Ice cream, vacations, the sea, games, free time, reading, mojitos, nightlife… What more could you want? Oh, of course. You want the same thing that I want (and the same thing that everyone else wants). A summer love! (And, if possible, an unforgettable sexual experience.)

Who hasn’t experienced one? Lord, you remember it forever. I remember it as if it were yesterday. It happened on an afternoon like any other. I went down to the beach. In my bag I had the usual: keys, cell phone, a book, sunscreen, Female Orgasm Enhancer, and natural massage oil, both made by Toka. Barely anything. And some people think the beach is boring!

But I’m going to get to the point. Or rather, I’m going to get to the sand. I lay down on the towel and straight away fate sent Pablo to me. He was from Madrid. Also on vacation in that small cove, a cove so deserted that it looked like a postcard. Long, gorgeous hair. Tanned. A dazzling smile. Was this an ad? Do I have to shave like those girls do who show up in those ads? It seemed unreal. Where was the camera?

The guy was perfect! So perfect that he liked me. LOL. Boy, we act so silly when we fool around. If I saw myself from the outside, I’d be embarrassed. But hey, better a little embarrassed and sexually satisfied than the other way around. It would be a shame to miss out on those one-of-a-kind experiences that summer hands you just for being silly.

As soon as the sun set, as expected, he suggested we go up to his apartment. “It has very good views,” he explained. “Just like I have right now,” I answered, admiring his Greek torso. “You’re pretty clever,” Pablo said. “Clever? Ha. You haven’t seen anything yet. You have no idea who you’re talking to.”

We went to his apartment and I became even more clever. It was true, the place had great views, but I didn’t bother to look out the window. What I did was to take out my summer arsenal from my beach bag. “A little massage?” I asked waving the Tokket Natural Massage Oil (the one enriched with almond oil, grape, argan and carrot seeds, an absolute wonder.) He responded with a sci-fi smile. Oh, Pablito. Are you sure you were real?

The heat in the apartment was as important to us as its views. We got a bit out of control. “Wait a minute,” I told him. And I ran around naked looking for my Tokket Female Orgasm Enhancer. When I returned with my treasure, I found Pablo waiting for me, relaxed, also with something from Tokket: Male Orgasm Enhancer. We started to laugh. It was clear: our summer love would be like in the movies. (Or one like in those ads where they shave all the time.)

Discreet, hygienic, and easy to carry; once again my Tokkets were the stars of my experience. Ah, what bliss. I’ve forgotten about his apartment or its views… But I’ve never forgotten the time I spent with Pablo! With experiences like that, of course summers will be unforgettable.

(Signed: LOLA)